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Smells Like Crayons
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 Alphabet 60x30 WIDE

Drawn by Anya Aubertin

This Page is not just for youngsters, anyone will have fun coloring these kooky animals with their corresponding alphabet letters.  

Letter M- Look for our handsome Monkey sporting a Mustache, and a Mouse Mowing up Money dropped by a Monster Magnet!

You’ll find a Unicorn, Ugly Duckling and an Umbrella surrounding our letter U. Enjoy coloring mama Kangaroo flying a Kite next to Keys, or our Pig in Pink Pajamas Painting the  letter P which is accompanied by a Perched Parrot and a goofy Peacock!

Look for our Building Bob Beaver, a Snake with an ice cream Sundae or the  Hippopotamus Holding a Hairbrush Hiding the Ace of Hearts in his Hat!