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About Me


Hello there!

I draw and sell these Giant 5ft Coloring Pages for kids!

The business really started back in 2000, when I was babysitting in HS. I unrolled butcher paper and drew cartoons as fast as the kids were coloring them. Their mom was so impressed, she asked me to make another for an upcoming birthday…and so it began!

A family business for awhile, but life happens, and business faded.

Now, with a little girl of my own, she inspires me daily! I ask her what she wants to dream about, and I just take notes… "That’d be a good coloring page!" I tell her. She is my biggest fan, and my whole heart.

As much as I’d love to say every page was drawn by me, I cannot. We hired guest artist, Jerry Scianio, back in 2002 to create Dinosaurs, Space Station, Noah’s Ark, Bible Stories, and Bugs Life to supplement inventory. 

In the future I may phase them out and choose to only showcase my designs, or I might continue to hire guest artists to offer a variety of styles for customers.

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All my scenes printed on heavy weight, bright white paper, and rolled to look like a giant crayon. Made right here in the USA.

Covid was a true blessing in disguise for my daughter and I.  After losing 3 of my main jobs, I’m now turning to this business to be our sole source of income.

It's the push I needed to make it happen. Jump and you will fly! (or fall, but then you’ll know how to jump better next time!) Well, now; is my time to jump!

Any reviews, posts or shares are SO very needed, appreciated. Thank You for all your support!




Anya Aubertin Owner/Artist

Smells Like Crayons