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Bugs Life

Bugs Life

Smells Like Crayons
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Drawn by Guest Artist : Jerry Scianio

 This imaginative Bugs theme will be sure to stir up creative thoughts as to what really goes on below our feet!  In this scene you’ll find things like a fleas sunbathing and splashing in a homemade leaf waterfall. You’ll find a team of  ants; working, directing and even stomping food in their nest. Look for our fat little caterpillars! One waits for his beautiful butterfly friend to emerge,  while the other works on kitting his own cocoon. See baby spiders in web training, practicing with their parents how to swing out far on their satiny strings.   We have ants wind surfing on leaves, watch out for the mosquitos! And bees taking a refreshing drink of nectar from oversized bendy straws!

Watch these little critters come to life, hard at work and play with an inside look at a Bugs world.