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Bible Stories
Bible Stories
Bible Stories

Bible Stories

Smells Like Crayons
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Drawn by Guest Artist : Jerry Scianio

Explore your favorite Bible stories through this fun coloring adventure scene! Front and center you'll find Jhona in the mouth of a whale, surprised fish at the parting of the red sea, and a surprised turtle watching as Jesus walks across the water. Teetering from a mountaintop you’ll see animals saved from the flood in Noah's ark, next door the tower of babel rising up with limited progress due to its newly lost staff.  

A leftover frog from the plague watches Moses raise  the ten commandments high on Mount Siani in front of the famous burning bush. See David defeat Goliath, lame men rejoice and walk, and chariots of fire.  Your kids are sure to have fun coloring this scene and identifying which Bible story each character comes from. The older kids can look up these Bible verses and write them under their corresponding  cartoons, or just enjoy coloring this active scene in Bible Stories.