Jungle Fun



Whether you’re coloring a lioness enjoying a nap in the sun, or a happy little ducks cliff jumping near a tropical waterfall, you’ll be sure to have fun exploring this fantasy jungle scene. Racoons swinging from palm trees and flamingos and elephants playing hide and seek, no animal is left behind! Look for the elephant giving his friend the Hippo a shower before he enters the pond, or our alligator listening to his bird friend tell a larger than life story. Find ladybugs and snails and frogs hidden within the bed of  flowers that frame this jungle scene.

Jungle Fun Facts!  Learn where all these animals really live around the world and see if their paths would ever cross in real life and what may become of it!Facts sheet also includes things like; How to tell the difference between a crocodile and alligator, and why snakes can wrap their bodies around trees and branches.

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