These enormous creatures from 66 million years ago are brought back to life in this giant coloring page. Not to worry, in our dinosaur scene you’ll find happy versions of these prehistoric beasts playing, gathering food and flying around volcanoes. Kids will enjoy naming and coloring their favorite dinosaurs like daddy long necks, ie: Brachiosaurus, and Parasaurolophus with the funny shaped head.

Look for Triceratops shows off her horns to T-rex and his flying friend the Pterodactyl.

Check out Stegosaurus getting a drink from the prehistoric pond water!

Dinosaur Facts! Not a scientist?   Don’t worry this coloring page comes with a Fun Facts sheet explaining their names, height, and other cool facts about each of the dinosaurs on the page and more! Kids will be able to get some realistic examples and information to  learn about these cool prehistoric beasts of the past.

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