This Page is not just for youngsters, anyone will have fun deciphering and coloring these kooky animals with their corresponding alphabet letters.  

Letter M- Look for our handsome Monkey sporting a Mustache, and a Mouse Mowing up Money dropped by a Monster Magnet!

You’ll find a Unicorn, Ugly Duckling and an Umbrella surrounding our letter U. Enjoy coloring mama Kangaroo flying a Kite next to Keys, or our Pig in Pink Pajamas Painting the  letter P which is accompanied by a Perched Parrot and a goofy Peacock!

Look for our Building Bob Beaver, a Snake with an ice cream Sundae or the  Hippopotamus Holding a Hairbrush Hiding the Ace of Hearts in his Hat!

Have older kids write a list of all they discover A through Z and encourage them to draw in their own ideas adding to the Alphabet fun!

ABC’s Fun Facts Sheet- In this sheet  you’ll find fun facts for kids anywhere from A to Z!  This Facts sheet for kids is alphabetized and interesting! They’ll be sure to remember and want to share all their newly learned information about the world and how it all works together from A-Z.

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