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-Changing lives, one blank wall at a time. - 
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A custom mural to your specifications!
All of my work is original & designed specifically to your needs to creatively enhance any room or space. 
What inspires you?   Big or small
Let's work together to bring all of your ideas together and create an inspiring space for your home or child's play area.

Getting Started...
The process begins with getting ot know you and what appeals to you.  Even if you have no idea, we can start by looking at examples together.    I often say "we"or "our"in talking about my work.   Yes, I am the one with the brush, but it starts by getting to know you and identifying what really inspires you.
4ft X 8ft Custom Mural
$ 1200

$25 per additional square foot

  • Customized to your space
  • Work around your schedule
  • Free Consultation
  • Residential Options
  • Commercial Options too!
Some Mural Project's I've Completed
  • See Project
  • See Project
  • See Project
What to
expect when commissioning a mural.
1.  Let’s Hear Your Ideas!

Give me a call or shoot me an Email, of what you had in mind for your space. What type of mural or theme are you looking for? How big is the wall to be painted? Is it outside or inside? If you are able to have pictures of the wall and surrounding space ready for our first conversation, that is ideal.    
2.  Free Consultation

We can do this in person onsite, or over the phone, where we’ll talk about your ideas (listed above) for the new mural.
3.  Pricing

The third step is where we will go over the cost of your custom mural.Pricing After we’ve talked about your space, and what you’re looking for, I’ll provide you with a written estimate for the project.
4.  Deposit & Work Order

Before the design research and drawings can begin, I’ll have you turn in your initial deposit, along with a signed copy the work order. A mural deposit is usually 50% of the final cost, and is required 2 weeks before the first day of painting begins.
Trusting an artist to represent you and your ideas of art can be hard. I’ll do my best to work with you every step of the way to ensure your happiness with the end result.   I want you to feel proud of your new space, and happy to show it off for years to come.
5. Sketches & Mockups

We brainstorm together. We’ll look at reference photos, art and colors either online, or from something you’ve found at home to be inspirational. In the initial consultation, we’ll solidify the mood and style of your new mural.
6.  Let's Paint!

I usually paint for about 6 hours in a day. You are welcome to watch the progress and painting unfold. I actually enjoy being able to touch base with you along the way, so if I have any questions, or if you have a last minute suggestion or tweaking of ideas, we can keep in touch throughout the painting process.
7. All Done...

Then, wolah! Your mural is finished! We do a final check, and then your mural is complete final payment.  The balance is due upon the completion of the mural.