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Custom Mailboxes

Mail Boxes

My Mom loves the colors red and orange and is really into octopus right now so the first box was done for her.

The second was for my uncle’s birthday who saw it and wanted one too!

I knew him from Mississippi, so I decided on Catfish, or something resembling them. We embellished them in full steampunk fashion, and shipped it off to my uncle late because it was entered in an art show!

I was a little embarrassed to take my picture with the mailbox at the art show, but Id never been in a show before so I went ahead. “Did you do the mailbox?” someone said excited. “ That’s the girl that did the mailbox! “ someone else said. My the time a third person chimed in about the mailbox, I person chimed in about he mailbox I was really embarrassed, but flattered too, and happy people liked it.