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Have you always had an idea for a children's book, but are just  missing the artwork?
I offer complete package design, illustrations, and publishing.

This includes a

*16 page layout of unique and original illustrations 

*Cover page

*Dedication page,

*Front and back cover design.

*Along with publishing through Amazons Create Space Publishing service.

You’ll receive 5 free printed and bound copies of your book, along with unlimited access to order more.

What to
expect when commissioning a book.
Let's Chat

Call or shoot me an email with your ideas for your book. Ideally indicate where you’d like the pages to be divided up with numbers in parentheses.
Free Consultation

A Free Consultation is provided for every book project.  We can do this in person or over the phone, this is where we’ll talk about your ideas (listed above)  for your new book.
Work Order

Before the design research and drawings can begin, I’ll have you turn in your Initial Deposit, along with a signed basic work order.

I do a quick, rough sketches for basic storyboards. Once I get approval I’ll move forward with the drawings.
What's the Cost?


After we’ve talked about your book, and what you're looking for,  I’ll provide you with a written estimate for the project.

A 16 page layout will be  $3200,  and $100 for each additional page there after.

You’ll receive 5 copies of your new book,  with the option to order as many as you’d like.

A book deposit is usually 50% of the final cost, and is required before the art and research begin.    At this time we’ll touch base again to see if any new ideas have risen and talk about any last minute details.
Pencil In

This is a good time to offer suggestions or feedback, assuming it doesn’t deviate entirely from the approved storyboard. If there are specific details you’d like hidden in the drawing, ideally tell me first, but if you think of them along the way, the pencil drawing stage is a good time to add those details.
Add Color

Depending on the feel of the book, this is where I continue the drawings with black marker outline, colored pencil, or even possibly re-draw them for watercolor. They are then scanned into the computer and touched up, if previously colored by hand, or colored digitally.
Going Forward

 With nice drawings to choose from, I then design a book cover,  cover page, dedication page, and back cover, taking into account for margins, bleeds, and binding.

From here I’ll uploaded it  to Create Space and have it published,  printed and sent to your door!