Unique Art

Giant VW Bus Sculpture

Costa Rican Coffee Bus

My largest project yet! That’s right, I turned a shipping container into a 25 foot Volkswagen Bus! Many people asked if it was drivable, alas, the truck tires were zip tied on there. But! We did serve darn good coffee and smoothies.

First came a ton of measurements and planning, then we welded posts sticking out from the side of the shipping container, then bent and welded metal strips connecting the posts giving the container the rounded-out bus shape we were looking for.  We then cut and wrapped and screwed down pvc laminate sheets to the new metal frame. Then lots of plaster and sanding of the seams! I couldn’t WAIT for color. I thought, if we can just get color on this thing I’ll be happy.

Well, color finally came! We accidently painted the lock on the back door, which I cherished and smiled at daily because it meant color was actually here.


I then painted on bus windows and accents, like an emblem for the front.  I designed the windshield for advertising, and even sewed a striped awning to shade our little yellow tables out front. Lastly I designed and printed a surfboard for the roof to show off our 3-D logo in lights!

By far my largest most brutal art project yet, but I’m proud of our little coffee shop, and all the attention it got and support from the community.

Thank You Playas del Coco! And to all the people who helped it come together along the way.